Kit Richert


MA / PhD

University of California, Berkeley

Education / School Psychology, December 2007

Berkeley, CA


Tufts University

Clinical Psychology, Child Development (Minor), Cum Laude, May 2000

Medford, MA


Cooper U / Interaction Design Practicum, 2011

General Assembly / Front-End Web Development, 2012


UniversityNow - offering affordable online education

User Experience Designer, 2011-12

San Francisco, CA

Led the redesign of the online learning platform using a persona-driven design process. Collaborated with academic and technical teams. Developed scenarios, flows, and wireframes. Conducted user research and usability tests. Design projects included all faculty tools, lesson navigation, assessment flows, project submission, and tools to offer students continuous feedback about their learning.

Kitsulting - an educational design consultancy

Principal Consultant, 2009 - Present

San Francisco, CA

Provided research, strategy, and UX design services to e-learning and new media companies, including:

LearnStreet - a "learn to code" platform

Contract User Experience Designer, 2012 - Present

  • Created user personas + onboarding scenarios
  • Worked on wireframes for the redesign of the marketing site
  • Offered recommendations for the redesign of the learning environment

Industrial Logic - an e-learning and training company (agile and lean programming methods)

Contract User Researcher, 2010- Present

  • Conducted a baseline analysis of e-learner engagement and progress metrics
  • Researched best practices in organizational implementation of ‘pure’ e-learning
  • Resigned split-test experiments to evaluate varied learner engagement strategies
  • Collaborated with Digital Telepathy on the redesign of the corporate website to improve branding

Nukotoys - an interactive game and toy company

Contract Educational Experience Designer, 2010-11

  • Collaborated with 3D game designers on Mission to Planet 429, an educational media property for 2nd-3rd graders.

  • Worked to redesign children's game-world encounters with informational text and simple machines science concepts
  • Used educational research to inform design. Delivered wireframes, flows, and reward structures. Led usability tests

Familian&1 - a digital design firm

Contract Educational Experience Designer, 2010-11

  • Conducted user interviews and secondary market research (publication review) to assess the opportunity for a new social-media enabled device in the scuba equipment market

  • Synthesized market research, academic literature, and primary user research into product recommendations
  • Wrote detailed specs and a community development strategy for a new social platform for scuba divers

Howard Rheingold - author and futurist

Cognitive Science Researcher, 2010-11

  • Produced a 60+ page literature review to support the author's writing of the book, Net Smart: How to Thrive Online

  • Researched current findings in the cognitive neuroscience of attention

  • Summarized over 200 articles and opinion pieces about multitasking and divided attention in the digital age

Affinity Labs / Monster Worldwide

Associate Producer / Editor, 2007-2009

San Francisco, CA

Managed several Monster communities (,, and Oversaw newsletter marketing, traffic analytics, and created partnerships with over one dozen bloggers.

Stanford Univeristy, Early Life Stress Research Program

Graduate Student Researcher, 2002-2007

Stanford, CA

Worked with the Stanford Early Life Stress Research Program and Stanford Psychiatry Neuroimaging Laboratory on a project examining brain development in children with a history of trauma. Processed and analyzed neuroimaging data and biological samples.

San Ramon Valley Unified School District

School Psychologist, 2005-07

San Ramon, CA

Used systematic methods (cognitive testing, interviews, review of records, and classroom observations) to evaluate students suspected of having a learning disability and determine their eligibility for special education services. Led meetings to develop behavioral intervention plans with parents and staff.


Game-based learning. My work with Nukotoys, included a deep review of the ‘serious games’ movement. There is great potential for learning within immersive game-worlds!

Product Development. I love to build things, and to work on teams to bring product ideas to life. The early stages of concept development, user research and prototyping are particularly interesting to me.

Creative Communities. San Francisco’s entrepreneurial and artistic communities continue to inspire me.

Making Movies. My brother is an independent film maker, and for the last year I've helped produce his short film, No One But Lydia.. It was one of the most fun, collaborative projects that I've ever worked on.


Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab

Collaborated with BJ Fogg's Persuasive Technology Laboratory on a campaign to “measure peace.” Recruited businesses to participate.

Seesaw SF

Served on the Board of Advisors for a local business that offers a kid-friendly cafe and social skills workshops for children.


Richert KA (2007) Pediatric posttraumatic stress disorder and the development of the prefrontal cortex. ProQuest Dissertations & Theses, 69(3), 2001. (UMI No. 3306310)

Richert KA, Carrion VC, Karchemskiy A, & Reiss AL (2006). Regional differences of the prefrontal cortex in pediatric PTSD: An MRI study, Depression and Anxiety, 23, 17-25.


Served as a Graduate Student Instructor for Introduction to Psychology (PSYCH 1) at UC Berkeley


State of California, School Psychologist Credential (2005-Present)


As I've learned to code, I've been building websites for friends, relatives, and myself (this site).

- Official Site for My Name Is Your First Love, a short film by my brother, Rob Richert

- Official Site for Level-X Bootcamps in Santa Monica. This site uses the Tumblr API as a content management system.


Design Tools

Wireframing / Interaction Design

  • Omnigraffle LogoOmnigraffle
  • Keynote LogoKeynote

Adobe Creative Suite (CS6)

  • Illustrator LogoIllustrator
  • Photoshop LogoPhotoshop
  • InDesign LogoInDesign

Video Editing

  • Final Cut Pro LogoFinal Cut Pro v.10
  • iMovie LogoiMovie



  • HTML5HTML5 (proficient)
  • CSS3CSS3 (proficient)
  • JSJavaScript (basic)
  • JqueryJQuery (basic)


Product Development/Management

  • Pivotal LogoPivotal Tracker
  • Jira LogoJira
  • Basecamp LogoBasecamp
  • Trello LogoTrello
  • Kanban Pad LogoKanBan Pad
  • Noteable LogoNoteable